Create a reverb techno kick

Creating a reverb kick that you can use in your techno productions is fairly easy. In the video above, you learn how to make such a kick. The steps Create a midi channel Create a four to the floor kick pattern Set BPM to desired speed Pick a sample or plugin for a nice […]

Free sound effects

Sound effects are a crucial part of audio production. Sound effects are used in a broad spectrum of media: games, video, music. Produtique aims to offer a broad spectrum of free sound effects, available for anyone to download. What are sound effects? Sound effects come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Explosion sounds, ding […]

How to start a record label

How to start a record label

I hear many people ranting about what a good label owner they would make, and how they are going to turn this industry up-side-down. Though, many have great ideas, only few are actually able to start a record label. I’ve successfully managed two record labels in the past. In a few steps I will show […]

Ableton Session Tech House production

The very first Produtique Ableton Session. I took a shot at building a somewhat techy track with a variety of plugins. A few of the plugins featured here are: Punchbox Serum Sylenth1 Ozone Imager Fabfilter Saturn Max for live LFO Various basic Ableton plugins Like the sounds you heard? You can download some of […]

Camelot wheel

Modern DJs have many tools they can use to ease their work and even improve accuracy in their art. The Camelot Wheel is one of these tools, and it has become vital to every DJ interested in harmonic mixing. This harmonic mixing wheel was invented by Mark Davis, one of the pioneers of the harmonic […]