Create a reverb techno kick

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Creating a reverb kick that you can use in your techno productions is fairly easy. In the video above, you learn how to make such a kick.

The steps

  1. Create a midi channel
  2. Create a four to the floor kick pattern
  3. Set BPM to desired speed
  4. Pick a sample or plugin for a nice kick sound
  5. Create a return track
  6. Add a reverb plugin to the return track, 100% wet signal, no dry signal
  7. Add a saturator plugin either in front or after the reverb plugin
  8. Add a compressor, Ratio: 1:4, attack somewhere around 0.33ms, release 20ms. Treshhold down to -15 to -20 db.
  9. Duplicate the kick track, and mute the duplicate
  10. Switch on sidechaining in the compressor
  11. Use the duplicate to trigger the compressor
  12. Put an equalizer after the compressor, cut off at around 180hz

Step 13

EXPERIMENT. These steps are just some basics. Depending on your source sound, your reverb might need completely different settings. Maybe you want to hear more of the top, maybe you want to hear less. Maybe a bit more size to your compression? Chorus? Anything goes.

Plugins used

All plugins used are plugins that come with Ableton:

  • Compressor
  • Reverb
  • EQ eight
  • Saturator
  • Simpler


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